Fall Munch Mix!


It is FINALLY October…
Pumpkins, cool weather, apples, fall flavored lattes, bonfires, HALLOWEEN…the list of all the things I love about the month of October could go on for days.
With that October is a very busy month for me. Wedding planning is finally picking up a little bit and with that I’m finding myself on the phone or going to appointments which has cut into my craft time. However, I recently hosted an event for my bridesmaids and with that I was able to make these cute take homes of a fall munch mix that I threw together. It is so easy and pretty inexpensive, which if you have read anything I’ve posted prior to this…you know that’s what’s most important to me. SO…getting started, here are a few of the items you’ll need to make this amazing fall munch mix!
Fall Munch Mix:


  • 1 large bag of mallow creme pumpkins
  • 1 large bag of regular candy corn
  • 1 large bag of m&m’s (whichever kind you desire, I used the pecan pie m&ms)
  • 1 Regular size bag of Rolos
  • 1 Large container of salted peanuts
  • 2 Boxes of Munch ‘N Crunch Caramel Popcorn & Peanuts
  • Cute containers to put this mix in or a big container to store it in to snack on afterwards!
First begin by pouring your two boxes of Munch ‘N Crunch into a large bowl
Next Add 2 cups of the mallow creme pumpkins
Add 2 cups of the regular candy corn
Now add 2 cups of the salted peanuts
Add 2 cups of the m&m’s
Last but not least, add two cups of Rolos
Be sure to mix the munch up in the bowl. I just put the lid on the bowl and shook everything around until I felt like it was mixed up pretty well!
Next I took these cute peach striped containers and added about 2 cups of the mix into each little box
Then I took a small clear plastic bag and wrapped it around each one of the boxes
As you can see above I added a fall cookie cutter to each one of the bags and used the ribbon to tie it around the top
They came out so perfect and the girls loved having them to take home to snack on that evening and the next day.
The cookie cutters, box, and ribbon I bought at Michael’s. I bought all 3 items on sale and paid next to nothing for them. I bought them in advance not knowing what I would use them for and when I hosted this event, I knew they would be perfect!
Hopefully you find this recipe as easy and amazing as I did. The only thing I would give a heads up to are the pecan pie m&ms…while they had the fall like colors I was looking for, the taste was quite different! I would suggest using just the regular fall colored m&ms – maybe even the fall peanut m&ms! You can literally add or take anything away from this mix! The little pumpkins are my favorite so I course immediately dug through mine to get those little perfect pumpkins!
Gosh, I love fall!

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